Monday, July 23, 2018

Sun,sand,,water and of course bikini style.

Yes it's bikini weather and what way to celebrate it other than making your own 😎. I am super excited to introduce the best bikini pattern I have ever sewn 😍😍😍. Sansahash L&K swimsuit 💓. This design was unique to my grandaughter on the beach whilst we were vacationing and brought many questions as to where she got it 😃. This is a pdf pattern and as usual with Sansahash Patterns there is never only one option 😍. Two styles with the option to mix and match, tailored to perfection & fully lined 😍. This is such a beautiful suit and using plain swim fabrics gives you the option to design it with your Silhouette cameo or Cricut. My grandaughter is pretty obsessed with mermaids at the moment so I designed one of her suits with a mermaid theme 😉. I also designed a little swim skirt to go with her bikini and you can also get this at Sansahash Patterns  and I will include the tutorial here for you 😃.This pattern is on intro pricing for $5.50 until July 30th but you can also get another discount if you join Sansahash pattern group and get a code 😀 so grab your copy here and allow your child to be totally unique on the beach this year 😎😍.
Tutorial at the end of pics ,enjoy 😊😊

The fabric requirements I used for the skirt for a 10 yr old is as follows. 2  pieces of  19.5" length  by  23" wide. A  3" width band by the width of your child's waist minus 2 to 3" so it fits snug but not tight.

Sew down both sides (right sided facing)

Once sewn get your band ready to attach to waist, you will fold your band in half  as shown. You will need to stretch your band a little so use many pins to help .

Sew down your band seam before attaching as seen here ...

Attach your band with right side of your fabric facing out as seen here.....
sew on your band.

Now change the setting on your machine to a zig zag stitch, this is what will give your skirt end that ruffle look, I used a 3.0 stitch length to achieve the look I wanted but you can choose whatever length you would prefer. You need to really stretch your fabric when stitching, i stretched mine super tight.

  And your done 😃

Here is how I designed mine using my Silhouette cameo 💕💕

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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Karrington page designs Bristol....

So happy to test for Karrington page designs the bristol has many options. it have a beautiful open v back with a ruffle and bias,boas on the neck and sleeve also. I chose thigh length for my granddaughter because she is at the age where she knows what she My fabric choice wasn't easy to photograph but the design is clear to see. I also chose the bow option for the back because i was designing it with my cameo silhouette and wanted to add to the tail of the bow. I tested age 10 which fit perfectly and she has a little growing room for the rest of the summer.
I also made one for my 2 yr old grandaughter , i did age three and her . Bristol is atsale price todayso make sure you grab your copy xx


Sansahash Harmania

I was so super excited to be chosen to test for Sansahash pattern company. I love to test for this company because her work is so beautifully tailored to fit . I get so many compliments & many people are very surprised our clothing is handmade but I give thanks to Sansahash for this 😁. Today's pattern is so phenomenal ❤❤.
Harmania has many options, spaghetti sleeve, short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve & of course godets 😍😍😍. I chose to make a spaghetti version with & without godets.  Now this was my first time ever doing godets and I was so very nervous 😐 but not to worry they were so easy I made 2 dresses 😁😁😁. I also used my Cameo Silhouette to design both dresses.I have to say the twirl on the godet dress is simply stunning and of course she feels like a princess 😁😁. This pattern is on sale today for $5.50 and you can get it for even less if you join the amazing Sansahash facebook page and get a code 😉😉. So here are my makes and I hope you will comment so I can come look at yours 😘😘😘.